Over the past few months, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with individuals who have courageously shared their personal experiences and insights on Prevention.

The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance and LMSvoice teamed up to bring these stories to life in a series of engaging videos. Each video shares a unique perspective and delivers a powerful message about the importance of prevention in our daily lives.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool for conveying messages and fostering meaningful discussions on prevention topics. Personal stories have the unique ability to capture attention, evoke emotions, and inspire action. Here’s how you can harness the potential of these five videos and to promote prevention and positive change within the community:


Youth Leaders

  • Incorporate the videos into school projects or presentations to educate classmates about prevention.
  • Share the videos on social media platforms to raise awareness among peers about the importance of prevention and encourage discussions on related issues.

Faith Communities

    • Use videos in gatherings, sermons, and classes to promote prevention as integral to community well-being.
    • Include videos in outreach programs to highlight the community’s commitment to prevention.


  • Share videos in parenting groups and online platforms to equip caregivers with practical knowledge.
  • Host workshops for parents to discuss implementing prevention strategies in their households.

First Responders

    • Use videos to engage with community members, including schools, youth groups, and other organizations, to promote substance use prevention initiatives.
    • Incorporate videos into existing initiatives to demonstrate a commitment to prevention through proactive training and response strategies.


  • Organize trainings, screenings, and discussions to raise awareness among employees about prevention.
  • Use videos in corporate social responsibility initiatives to support community well-being through prevention efforts.

Education & Advocacy

  • Advocate for local prevention programming by sharing the videos with community leaders, local authorities, and policymakers to emphasize the importance of prevention efforts.
  • Provide resources, training, and platforms for individuals to share ideas and thoughts address concerns and empower them to become advocates for prevention within their communities. 

These videos are valuable resources for our community. They can be used to involve, educate, and empower people to focus on prevention. Anyone can use them to make a difference!