PAStart Ongoing Initiatives

Each of these ongoing campaign themes has been carefully developed using evidence-based research and testing by statewide SCA’s, coalitions, OMPP sites, volunteers, and professionals working in the field of prevention. All the materials are FREE to use and many are available for customization/ordering to br used to promote local events or programs.

Prevention Happens Here

Prevention begins with all of us. CPA encourages the use of the new emblematic campaign “Prevention Happens Here” to identify the many people, places, and organizations across Pennsylvania that are currently active partners in Prevention.

Start by Connecting

This messaging theme is all about “connecting”, whether between caregivers and youth, families and local programming, or using the tools of the internet to support efforts to build and strengthen families.

Start in Your Community

There are many ways to start. Joining a coalition, volunteering to help with local Naloxone distribution, advocating for legislation changes, or even speaking up at a town hall meeting, start in your own community and start making the difference.

Communication Action Series

These tool kits have been created to assist prevention professionals, parents, teachers, student assistance programs (SAP) and other concerned adults in preventing substance use in adolescents and teens.  Each one is carefully designed to give important information in short, simple steps.

Start Making the Difference

This theme emphasizes the idea that not just immediate caregivers or family can play a part in the positive shaping of the youth inour world.

Care Enough to Become Empowered

This campaign was developed to encourage 18-25 year olds to take control of their health and ask their doctor or dentist questions about the pain meds they’ve been prescribed.

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For additional resources designed to help combat the stigma of substance use disorder, as well as promoting awareness please visit our sister website,