Master the World of Prevention Messaging.

Opioids, other ATOD substances, racial inequity, LGBTQ+ and other biases, mental health issues and more have had an incredible impact on the well-being of Pennsylvanians. Until now, prevention efforts have focused on an individual-level: that is, attempting to change a person’s mind. The evolving science of prevention, however, has shown that it is much more effective to change a person’s world and awareness.

Media messaging campaigns can serve as a powerful environmental prevention strategy to help change the ecosystem in which a person lives, which plays a part in how that person behaves.

These three guides, available in English and Spanish, were developed by the PAStart workgroup to better assist SCA’s, coalitions, faith-based organizations, and any and all prevention professionals in the commonwealth to better understand the best practices of social media, paid advertising, and marketing to help you to your next steps of prevention awareness. Download our three-part Messaging and Media Resources Kit to help you with all your advertising and social media efforts.


Guide 1: Free Non-Profit Resources

Explore and establish nonprofit-specific social media accounts.

  • Post consistently.
  • Connect with your community.
  • Tag, mention, and collaborate with other agencies and organizations.
  • Add donation buttons, whenever possible.
  • Monitor free analytics and measure engagement.
  • Know your target audience through the data.
  • Tag, “like”, retweet, repost, and share relevant content that others create.
  • Include “asks” and updates.
    CAS Vaping Toolkit

    Guide 2: Next Steps

    Use advertising to create a local messaging campaign.

    CAS Vaping Toolkit
    Advertising and marketing your organization can seem daunting, but with our ready-made tools, simplified Best Practices and suggestions, and the option for high-end advertising assistance from our media partner, Do-It-Yourself prevention awareness messaging has never been easier.

    Guide 3: Social Image Sizing

    A picture tells a thousand stories.

    prevention professionals group of people
    We all engage visually first. On the web, good images are the foundation of engagement. But between the many social media platforms, the specs and usage rules for images change fairly often. Use this current image-sizing guide to better understand what you need to create in Canva, Photoshop etc. to illustrate all your local efforts and draw the viewer’s eyes to something besides words on a page.

    Images should always be prepped before putting them on your website or social media. Cropping, brightening, color-correcting and optimizing are all helpful to grab the viewer’s attention. Use our guide to determine what size and resolution you should be using.

    prevention professionals group of people