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Are you a prevention professional, teacher, or parent looking to make a positive impact on the lives of teens and youth in Pennsylvania? Look no further than PAStart – a dynamic primary prevention messaging campaign designed to provide you with the knowledge and resources to guide conversations around substance use prevention and positive mental health.

Our comprehensive toolkit series, crafted with you in mind, is a valuable resource to help initiate essential conversations to help create a supportive environment where every young person can thrive.

Start by taking action today by downloading our free mini toolkits. Available in English and Spanish.

CAS Vaping Toolkit

Find A Mini Toolkit That Fits Your Needs

Mental Health

Prevent Despression and Anxiety in Teens and Youth

Racial Equity

Teach Respect and Celebrate BIPOC Teens and Youth


Support, Mentor, and Affirm Teens and Youth

Mental Health Spanish

Prevenir la depresión y la ansiedad en adolescentes y jóvenes 

Racial Equity Spanish

Enseñe respeto y celebre a los adolescentes y jóvenes BIPOC

LGBTQ+ Spanish

Apoyar, orientar y afirmar a adolescentes y jóvenes

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