CPA PA Prevention Awards!

Nominations will be accepted untl April 7th.

The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance is excited to open nominations for our 2023 PA Prevention Awards, celebrating exemplary prevention efforts occurring across our state.

The nominees and award winners will be recognized during National Prevention Week—May 7-13.  National Prevention Week is a public education platform showcasing the work of communities and organizations dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of substance use prevention and positive mental health.

We hope you will consider nominating an individual, organization, prevention provider, SAP team, prevention department, or coalition (youth, adult, overdose prevention, etc.). We also encourage you to nominate those not working exclusively in the prevention field, but who have made a positive impact in your community, for example, youth groups, faith leaders, decision-makers, commissioners, volunteers, community connectors, etc.  (Anyone in Pennsylvania is eligible to nominate or be nominated)

Nomination is Easy!

Nominations will be accepted untl April 7th.

Winners will be selected from each of the 4 CPA regions. (CPA reserves the right to extend this deadline)

Step 1: Select the Nominee’s Award Category

  • Select 1 of the 6 award categories listed below that best represents your nominee.

Step 2: What Makes Them a Good Candidate

  • How did you become aware of the nominee’s work? (< 75 words)
  • Based on the award category, tell us more about your nominee (< 250 words)

Step 3: Submit Nomination!

Awards Categories

Nominations will be accepted untl April 7th.

The bullet points defining each award category are offered to help guide you in making nominations but are not inclusive. Feel free to add any other information to help us in understanding the contributions of your nominee.

Tomorrow’s Leader, Today

(Individual Award Only – Early Career Prevention Professional Award)

  • Despite being new to the field of prevention (3 years or less), they are already making an extraordinary difference.
  • They are energetic, fearless, and full of hope when it comes to the promise of prevention.
  • They are always willing to jump in, learn new things, and share their knowledge with others.
  • They find inspiration everywhere and generate excitement even when things are difficult.
  • They are always willing to take on tough challenges and do the jobs not everyone loves.

Makes Good Happen

  • A local champion who is tireless in their efforts to improve the quality of life in their community or among a particular group of people.
  • They are always thinking about ways to start and/or support new prevention programs or interventions.
  • They are terrific at bringing people together in service of a community.
  • They get things done.

Embraces Change

  • A changemaker in the community dedicated to advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) efforts across prevention initiatives, programs, and participation.
  • They implement inclusive practices to embrace diverse thoughts, gender, ability, and race in prevention programs.
  • They promote DEIB initiatives by bringing awareness to educating others on the value of embracing diversity.
  • They advocate to develop tools and resources and guide those seeking to contribute to DEIB efforts.

Embodies Amazing

  • They go above and beyond and exceed professional goals and expectations.
  • They are an unsung hero—in their office, their community, or in the field of prevention.
  • They advocate with and for community organizations and/or decision-makers to advance local or statewide prevention efforts.
  • They demonstrate initiative and are eager to expand prevention work within their community.
  • Their positive energy is contagious and attracts more supporters.
  • They spread joy and lift others up.

We is Better than Me

  • This group or organization is exceptional when it comes to building a prevention network across multiple fields and fostering teamwork and the active participation of diverse members.
  • This group or organization serves as a connector, always expanding who is involved in programs or initiatives and finding exciting ways to get more people to the table.
  • This group or organization epitomizes what it means to be inclusive.
  • This group or organization always finds ways for everyone to make a difference.
  • They often work behind the scenes to ensure that things get done and go well.

Courageously Creates

  • They exhibit a collaborative and innovative approach when it comes to prevention science, promising programs, and community-led initiatives.
  • They are a visionary, risk-taker, and experimenter—someone who is excited to step outside of their comfort zone.
  • They learn from past mistakes and find innovative solutions to problems.
  • They are visionaries who are always asking “What’s possible?” and “What if …”

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Hanley, at